Dramatic Lexus LC 500 Race Car Revealed

Dramatic Lexus LC 500 Race Car Revealed

November 16, 2016

Things are happening super-fast in the Lexus stable. In fact, Lexus has just unveiled a dramatic race car based on the all-new LC 500 – well ahead of the luxury coupe’s arrival in showrooms around the world.

The ink that penned down that the dramatic LC concept car is barely dry – and while car enthusiasts the world over are still lusting helplessly over the LC’s production version – there’s already a snarling race version ready set to the circuit ablaze.

Interestingly enough, the balanced aggression of the street car’s design has not been compromised. The race car’s features enhance the flagship coupe’s aerodynamic shape, dramatic curves and wide, imposing stance while retaining the distinctive Lexus spindle grille and L-shaped lights.

As it happens, the race car’s body work incorporates boldly widened fenders, muscular skirts, large spoiler and rear diffuser and multiple vents for downforce and heat extraction. With a minimum weight of 1 020kg, the lightweight race car will be powered by a 2-litre direct-injection four-cylinder turbocharged engine driven through a six-speed sequential gearbox.

The LC 500 – originally designed as a grand touring coupe – is readily adaptable for racing with fitment of the enhanced aerodynamic package, weight reduction measures and race-spec powertrain.

Testing of the race car is expected to start in September with the new coupe making its race debut in Japan's Super GT500 series during the next year, replacing the Lexus RC F in the series. The car has been developed by the organisation’s racing and development division under the Lexus Gazoo banner.

The production version of the LC 500 will be launched in SA next year.