Lexus CT, RX and LX Tailored To Suit

Lexus CT, RX and LX Tailored To Suit

September 16, 2016

Specification enhancements sharpen up existing range


Charismatic Two-tone
The stylish 1.8-litre Hybrid powered Lexus CT200h hatch receives an infusion of flair, with the availability of four new distinctive bi-tone (two-tone) colour schemes. Using the perfectly proportioned lines of the luxury hatchback as a base, the bi-tone colour scheme adds a dash of visual drama.

The bi-tone scheme is created by combining high gloss black treatment on the roof and pillars, with a choice of four stylish ‘body colours’ adorning the metal below the ‘waistline’. Customers can choose between White Quartz, Sonic Titanium, Mercury Grey and Morello Red - to create a look that matches their personality.

Mono-tone traditionalists are also catered for, with the addition of the striking hue aptly named Amber, radiating rich bronze tones, which replaces the previously offered earthy Fire Agate.

Audiophiles will appreciate the newly added digital media holder housed in the centre console, which provides secure storage for portable music devices and easy interface via the built-in USB, AUX and Bluetooth systems.

Rear seat eXtras
Following the launch of the fourth-generation RX SUV earlier this year, the top of the range RX450h SE’s luxury credentials are further bolstered. The specification changes mainly centre on enhanced convenience.

Rear seat passengers will appreciate the addition of electric adjustment for the 2nd row seats, whilst the inclusion of seat heaters, now ensures that all occupants are kept warm and toasty.

Not to be excluded, the driver now has a Panoramic View Monitor at their disposal (which replaces the previous reverse camera), offering a wider field of vision, improving visibility and enhancing convenience.

Luxurious eXcellence
The Lexus LX has established itself as a formidable Luxury SUV, with demand often exceeding supply. Befitting its status, the Lexus SUV flagship inherits a number of safety and technological upgrades.

At the forefront of the upgrades, is the addition of a Pre-Crash electronic safety system. This system scans the road ahead, constantly monitoring vehicle distance and warning the driver of potential obstacles impeding vehicle approach. The system is also capable of taking corrective action, increasing brake pressure, closing windows and adjusting vehicle dynamics to prevent a collision.

Integrated into the Pre-Crash system is Adaptive Cruise Control, which allows the vehicle to maintain a safe following distance – adjusting speed autonomously – to provide peace-of-mind cruising.

Further convenience is provided by the Lane Keep Assist and new Adaptive High-beam System (AHS). AHS automatically alters the field of light provided by the LED headlamps, to shield oncoming vehicles from the high-beam illumination without deactivating the high-beam function.

To complement the advanced AHS system, sequential turn signal illumination is included, creating a sophisticated visual effect.

The Lexus LX is available in two models, the petrol powered LX570 which features a silky smooth 5.7-litre V8 (serving up 270 kW and 530 Nm), and turbodiesel powered LX450d which delivers an effortless driving experience with 195 KW and 650 Nm of tractive effort.

Lexus CT 200h – R 506 400

Lexus RX 450h SE – R 1 175 600

Lexus LX 450d – R 1 600 700

Lexus LX 570 – R 1 648 200