LEXUS HYBRIDS Achieve One Million Sales

LEXUS HYBRIDS Achieve One Million Sales

April 15, 2016

  • Over one million Lexus models sold
  • Hybrid remains part of Lexus future product and environmental strategy
  • History of Hybrid models
  • Largest range of Hybrid models
  • South African Hybrid line-up

Lexus International recently announced that it has sold more than one million hybrid vehicles since the world's first luxury hybrid vehicle, the RX 400h SUV, went on sale in 2005.

The millionth vehicle, a new NX 300h was delivered to a Lexus customer in Milan, Italy, by Alain Uyttenhoven, head of Lexus Europe, to commemorate the milestone. "The hybrid drive system continues to be our core vehicle technology to help reduce CO2 emissions, while providing a pleasurable driving experience," Lexus International President Tokuo Fukuichi said.

"We have set ambitious environmental goals for 2050, and hybrid popularity worldwide is extremely important if we are to achieve those goals. “Today, Lexus manufactures ten hybrid models, with more on the way. I'm pleased over 1 million customers worldwide have put their faith into our hybrid line-up."

Lexus expanded its hybrid line-up following the debut of the RX 400h in 2005, beginning with the launch of the first luxury hybrid sedan, the GS 450h, in 2006. In 2007 the brand unveiled the most powerful luxury hybrid sedan, the LS 600h, followed by the HS 250h in 2009 and the first luxury hybrid compact hatch, the CT 200h, in 2011.

The ES 300h sedan launched in 2012, ahead of the IS 300h and GS 300h in 2013 and the first hybrid luxury crossover SUV, the NX 300h, in 2014.

Earlier this year Lexus premiered its latest hybrid model, the LC 500h coupe, which features a new generation performance hybrid technology known as the Multi Stage Hybrid System (MSHS).

The MSHS expands further hybrid advantages by delivering more power, greater acceleration, traction and higher efficiency.

Lexus offers the widest range of hybrid vehicles in the luxury market and this is echoed in the local line-up where the brand takes the lead with four unique hybrid offerings.

Locally the Lexus range is spearheaded by the stylish CT 200h premium hatchback, which is joined by the ultra-comfortable ES 300h mid-size sedan, dynamic NX 300h compact SUV (both using a 2.5 litre 4 cylinder engine paired with an electric motor) and the range-topping RX 450h luxury SUV which features a 3.5 litre V6 engine supplemented by two electric motors.

Over 1100 Lexus hybrid vehicles have been adopted by ‘tech savvy’ owners in South Africa with hybrid versions of the RX luxury SUV being the most popular.

As of the end of March, Lexus had sold approximately 1,000,600 hybrid vehicles in 11 years.