Lexus IS One of the Big Five

Lexus IS One of the Big Five

April 13, 2015

The Lexus IS 350 sports sedan has won a place in’s coveted and widely followed “Five Best awards”, underlining its appeal to spirited vehicle buyers.

The editorial arm of one of South Africa's largest motoring websites named IS as one of its five best premium sedans.

Cars’ Ashley Oldfield said that premium offerings have long been the preserve of the German brands but that options from the likes of Lexus are proof that there are other luxury routes to follow.

According to Oldfield, key factors governing purchase decisions in this rarefied territory are style, luxury and presence as well as supreme ride quality, decent performance and an interior full of the latest tech. Naturally, the IS ticks every single one of these boxes.

“The Lexus IS is a most improved product – the latest model is bigger, better styled and with the V6 engine, a sporty alternative. Lexus always loads its cars with everything they can think of, so you end up with a car that offers great value when you compare like for like with the competition,” Oldfield concluded.

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